Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:


AI-driven techniques for real-time monitoring and fault-prediction in automotive applications
Al applied to electromobility
Automatic test equipment for automotive
Automobile intelligence, automated driving control, foundation model of autonomous driving
Automobile networking, driver-vehicle-road coordinated control
Automotive electrification, batteries, motors, electronic control
Automotive instrumentation and telematics
Control and calibration of engines and powertrains
Control of electric and autonomous vehicles
Data-driven and AI-based control system development
Design and manufacturing of electromobility systems and products
Electric vehicle safety technology and systems
Electronic devices for electromobility
Electronic instrumentation for automotive
Energy storage and management systems charging
Engine performance cells and test rigs development and calibration

Infrastructure and grid integration for electromobility
Measurement-based modeling and diagnostics for automotive components and sub-systems
Pollutant emission measurements and on-board monitoring in automotive
Power electronics and chassis electrification
Pure electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles
Railway train control
Real-time sensing and diagnostics for automotive batteries and battery cells
Sensors and sensor systems for automotive applications
Smart, well-connected, and non-conventional electromobility
Standards for automotive instrumentation and sensing methodologies
Thermal and mechanical instrumentation and measurement for automotive
UAV/USV/UUV control
Vehicle dynamics and control

Wireless sensor networks in automotive